Resource Conservation

This is where a lot of people interested in building green get real excited, and why wouldn’t they-it involves saving a lot of green $! While it is generally true that building green will involve a higher initial cost, the utility savings of the building will not only pay for this cost over a short period of time, but thereafter that will be money kept in your pocket!

More important than money savings, however, is the simple fact that you have a smaller footprint on the planet. You aren’t¬†unnecessarily¬†wasting electricity, water, gas, or other resources needed to operate your home. Depending on where you live, you might not even have a choice on resource conservation. Your water well might only put out so much water per month, or it might be more affordable to install a small stand alone solar system than tap into the grid. Whatever the case, your pocket book and the environment will thank you for making the decision to conserve resources.