While most people are aware of the environmental benefits of green building but neglect perhaps the most important benefit, personal health. There was a time when houses were built with completely natural materials: wood, straw roofs, dirt floors, and the like. As the industrial revolution came to fruition, so did lots of synthetic materials. Paints and stains with lots of chemicals, plywoods with toxic glues, plastics, admixtures, carpet with harmful dyes, and synthetic flooring like vinyl and laminates, to name a few. Also, houses were somewhat drafty back then. While this wasn’t great for utility bills, it was great for letting the house “breathe” and getting fresh air into the house. The cleaner and fresher the air in your house the better you will feel. This being said, we strive to use materials and finishes that are easy on your lungs and set out to build a house that will be well insulated for energy efficiency, but will also be able to “breathe” and have a healthy exchange rate.  Beyond the physical factors of health, there are psychological factors. This will be your longtime home and you should look at it everyday and smile and think “man I have a cool house!”