Green Building

Green Building is a huge buzzword these days. It’s not something we do for marketing, or goodwill, or to try and set ourselves apart from the competition. Frankly, if you don’t do green building these you are shooting yourself in the foot! We  build green houses simply because it is the right way to build a house. Before the days of mechanical air conditioning and electricity, knowing how to build a comfortable and efficient structure appropriate to the climate was just something architects and builders did. Solar geometry, passive heating/cooling, and efficient use of space/materials was common knowledge and/or practice. The arrival of air conditioning allowed designers and builders to do some cool new things, but gradually, the awareness of environmental design was lost. That is, until oil hit $100/ barrel and gas neared $4/gallon and other natural resources that we depend heavily upon began showing signs of exhaustion. Now suddenly, this old school of thought is becoming mainstream again, except with some new materials, new practices, and new technology.

If you aren’t too sure exactly what this old new way of thinking entails, we invite you to read over this page we created to explain what it means to us: What Is Green Building?

Our approach to green building in the Durango Area focuses on 4 key aspects:

  • Health Most people are aware of the environmental benefits of green building but neglect perhaps the most important benefit, personal health. Read More
  • Environmental ImpactThis is covered somewhat in the What Is Green Building page, but to touch on it more, a green building should minimize environmental impact… Read More
  • Region Specific Construction-We design and build houses in the region to meet the demands of the climate and weather. The Four Corners Region is classified as a high desert. Read More
  • Resource Conservation- By combining the best of vernacular architecture with modern technology, we can build houses that have super low energy and water consumption… Read More